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Analytics Domain believes that the application and study of Analytics will pervade all aspects of Life sooner or Later. 

We believe that Analytics Tools, products and Projects are going to be in demand and we are enablers for getting that done. 


- To develop High End AI, DS, ML and Analytics Products

- Give Consultations to organizations and Institutions to improve their AI ML, Analytical products

- Deliver relevant training on AI, ML, DS, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Analytical tools and technologies.



We are a team of Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Warehousing experts, BI professionals, LMS Creators, Content Writers, Video Editors, Graphic Editors, Admins, Business Development Managers, Trainers, Mentors, Career Counsellors, Creative Artists, Animators, Web Designers, Programmers, AI Tool developers, Data Base Administrators, Cloud Architects, Cloud engineers, Back end developers, Writers and many more talented individuals. 

We are here to serve you reach your Goals. Grow with us! 



Our Founder Director


Entrepreneur who believes in developing Manpower resources 

with Training and Motivation. Believes that Knowledge is key to growth

and technology is the way.

She has 20 years of Databases, Analytics, People Management,

Resource Capability Development, Programming, Trouble shooting,

Business Development, Client Interaction and Training Experience. 

She has trained 1000's of students on Data Analytics, Big Data and 

Data Science and AI most of which is through Multimodal way of training, 

through Class room sessions, Online training, videos, demos,

scripts and hackathons.


Connect with her on Linkedin. 

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Moushmi Dasgupta

Get in touch with us  |  Tel: 91 84590 44764

Thanks for connecting with us!!

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